About Me

Jerry Mendes is not afraid to say that he is in a serious relationship with slot games. Jerry’s fascination with video slots began as a teenager when he would accompany his parents to casinos on the weekend. While he used to play for fun back then, today he has turned his love for the game into his passion and has done extensive research into how slots work and how to get the most out of a slot game.

Besides slots, Jerry is also a fan of other casino games like roulette and blackjack. He believes that these games are the best way to unwind after a tough day of battling it out in the courts of law, having recently passed the bar exam. He is proud to admit that his slot earnings are what helped pay for his late night law classes, and this only served to increase his love for the game. Follow Jerry’s blogs for an inside look at all sorts of casino games – he has the experience and he’s willing to share it!